This ′′Info-Note”, composed of 4 typed pages, aims to provide the Participant, who wants to activate, if is eligible, the Protection option for Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale courses, all the necessary preliminary information to know the rights and obligations to activate this option. This note is written in english, and the Participant could request this editorial in other languages.

    • Legislation and directives applicable to reimbursement: the legislation applicable to reimbursement is the Italian one, with the application of imperative rules of Italian law.
    • Requirements of rights deriving from choice: Every right towards Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale deriving from this information, is tacitly consensus between the parties. The Participant commits to read this information that determines the conditions for refund of the Protection option for Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale.
    • Contract complaints: any complaints regarding the refund or management of the cancellation request must be sent to Via dfi Bruceto 37 – 51016 Montecatini Terme (Italy) or to the e-Mail address: iscrizioni@accademiaitalianadj.it
  • Participant: The person who requests the Protection option, an adult with the ability to act or underage with a declaration signed by the parent/legal guardian.

    Event: The event that generated, directly the cancellation request.

    Familiar: spouse, children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, grandparents, in-laws, genders, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, uncles, first cousins, nephews of the participant, as well as many others with him, as long as they result from regular certification.

    Course: the course, with or without accommodation, resulting from enroll form.

    1. Operativity and starting point

    The Protection option expressly subscribed via enroll form for the course promoted on the website www.accademiaitalianadj.org and/or on the paper enroll form at the course is working:

    • for courses carried out for training purposes;
    • from the hours and day indicated in the registration confirmation. As a reference for the beginning, Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale uses the Rome time zone (UTC/GMT GMT 1). The guarantee falls to the enjoyment of the first contractually agreed service.
    • if the Participant is an adult with the ability to act, if underage with a statement signed by the parent/legal guardian.
    • if the course has been paid.
    1. People who can use the Protection option:
    • persons with legal capacity at the time of subscription.
    1. In case of cancellation and activation of the Protection option the Participant, or whoever for it, must:
    • give notice to Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale within a maximum of 5 days of the event for which it is believed to ask for the application of Protection option. Failure to fulfil this obligation may result in the total or partial loss of the right to refund;
    • make available to Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale all the documentation useful for the necessary checks;
    • Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale corresponds the refund in Euros. For Participants from no euro-area and that had paid in other currency, refunds will be converted to the official exchange of the day that the payments were done.
    1. Legal rules references

    For everything not expressly governed by this Info Note, will be applied the rules of Italian law.

  • Protection option covers cancellations determined directly or indirectly by:

    1. sickness, presenting related medical certificate certifying that the Participant is impossible to participate in the course;
    2. holidays not authorized by the employer, presenting related documentation signed by the employer.
    3. certified mourning;
    4. courses or exams to recover school debts or university examinations during the course period;
    5. natural catastrophe;
    6. hospitalization or certified death from a first-degree relative;
    7. provisions of the State Government where the course is organized introducing urgent measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

    In case of activation of the Protection option for one of the above causes and under the approval of the Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale, the amounts paid in relation to the course will be refunded to the Participant, as the directives in the following section called 5- Percentages of refund.

  • You can join the Protection option up to 30 days before the course starting date and within 24 hours of course enroll

    The following percentages of refund are expected according to the day on which the Protection option is requested:

    1. Previous 40 days before the beginning of the course for the specific causes indicated at section 4- paragraph “g”, 100% of the fee paid will be refunded;


    1. Between 40 and 30 days before the beginning of the course, 50% of the fee paid will be refunded.


    • Between 30 and 15 days before the beginning of the course, 30% of the fee paid will be refunded.


    1. From 14 days before the beginning of the course, no refund is expected.


    In any circumstances, there is no refund for the membership fee of Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale, that coincide to 20 euros.

  • The Protection option does not cover cancellations determined directly or indirectly by:

    1. causes or events not objectively documentable;
    2. causes, not of medical order, notes from the Participant at the time of registration;
    3. damages caused by, happened through or as a result of: wars, incidents due to war ordnance, invasions, actions of foreign enemies, hostility (whether in case of declared war or not), civil war, situations of armed conflict, rebellions, revolutions, insurrection, mutiny, martial law, military or usurped power or attempted power usurping;
    4. strikes, riots, popular riots;
    5. curfew, border block, embargo, reprisals, sabotage;
    6. confiscation, nationalisation, seizure, restrictive provisions, detention, appropriation, requisition for its own title or use by or at the order of any Government (whether civil, military or ′′ de facto ′′) or other national or local authority;
    7. acts of terrorism, meaning by act of terrorism any act that includes but is not limited to the use of force or violence and/or threatening by any person or group(s) of persons acting alone or behind or in connection with any person or group(s) Organizer or government committed for political, religious, ideological or similar purposes including the intention to influence any government and /or raise alarm to public opinion and/or in the community or part of it;
    8. nuclear explosions and, even only partially, ionizing radiation or radioactive contamination developed from nuclear fuels, nuclear waste or nuclear weapons, or derived from atom core transmutation phenomena or from radioactive, toxic, explosive properties or other dangerous characteristics of nuclear equipment or its components;
    9. materials, substances, biological and/or chemical compounds, used for the purpose of harming human life or spreading panic;
    10. pollution of any nature, infiltration, contamination of air, water, soil, underground, or any environmental damage;
    11. illegal acts carried out by the Participant or his/her violation of the rules or prohibitions of any government;
    12. alcohol and psychopharmaceutical abuse, non-therapeutic use of narcotic or hallucinogenic;
    13. suicide or suicide attempt;
    14. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Acquisite Immunodeficiency Syndrome (Aids) and sexually transmitted diseases;
    15. any other cause unspecified to section 4- Cases of refund.
  • Cancellation is valid if it takes place according to the characteristics described in previous articles and in the percentages described in Section 5-Percentages of refund. Day count includes holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    Cancellation is valid only if the Protection option has been activated:

    1. from Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale, as the producer of the course;
    2. At the same time as the date of registration for the course, however, no later than 12.00 pm on the following day;
    3. guarantee the overall cost of the course including management costs, but not connection and collateral cost of participating to the course.
    4. for a maximum of € 1.200 per dossier.
  • The Participant or whoever for him/her, to cancell the course must give notice to Il Marzocco Associazione Culturale providing by telephone call, e-mail, mail, within 5 days from the Event:


    1. personal data and tax code of who receives the refund
    2. Bank name and address, IBAN and SWIFT code, and name of the bank account holder if different from the holder of the dossier;
    3. documentation objectively proving the cause of the cancellation, in original; if medical, the certificate must show the pathology and the address where the sick or injured person is available;
    4. documentation demonstrating the connection between the Participant and the possible other entity that has determined the cancellation;
    5. confirmation of enroll with payment receipts, in copy.

    Taken from the official website: www.accademiaitalianadj.org/en/refund-policy

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