Producer Course

The Importance of Production | Sound Design | DAWs | Editors | Mastering | VSTi | Plug-in | Realize your own Homestudio | Copyright | Record labels and Promotion | Classes in multimedia room and/or recording studio


The PRODUCER course, suitable for no experience and advanced students, deals with the realization of an original track in all its phases, following a trail that goes from acoustic phonetics and regulation, to the concrete development of the project through main DAW. Thanks to the division into working groups, the students will have the opportunity to experiment with the techniques of production of a musical track and be followed by technicians and artists of international fame.
The PRODUCER course has a LIMITED ACCESS with obligatory booking, the students are organizes in small work groups according to the degree of level of preparation At the end of the course, Accademia releases its members a certificate of attendance.


Cities Start
Florence February 13 2019 (23rd Ed.)
Bologna February 15 2019 (23rd Ed.)
Turin February 19 2019 (23rd Ed.)
Milan February 20 2019 (23rd Ed.)
Venice February 21 2019 (23rd Ed.)
Rome February 27 2019 (23rd Ed.)
Catania February 28 2019 (23rd Ed.)
Barcelona March 2019 (23rd Ed.)
Zürich March 2019 (23rd Ed.)

Duration: 8 weeks with 12 lessons of 3 hours each
Maximum number of students: 5 (five)
Course Certificate: YES (with a minimum frequency of 80% of the course hours)


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