Accademia And Welfare

ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ™ has many projects to support creativity and disadvantaged people even in very problematic territories and situations.

Accademia Care

ACCADEMIA CARE was born in 2015 to help people who hadn’t the right opportunity to express and realize themselves in their lives

ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ™ gives for free locations, skills, technical support, places in courses with dedicated lessons and will organize “ACCADEMIA CARE” workshops, theoretical and practical knowledge of DJing and MUSIC PRODUCTION and will be done by experts with proven competence.

Applications could be sent by email by noprofit associations in business for at least two years. You cannot submit the application for yourself.

Seats will be available for those who are at least 14 years old, both men and women, regardless of race, religious belief and/or social background.

Unfortunately, the number of participans will be limited and even if we want to accept and reach the biggest number, it won’t be always possible to do it for anyone.


The welfare projects don’t use founds by the Government, it is self-produced by ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ™ and by the members who use their time and their energies. Participants will not be charged with any fee. All donations are welcome (and tax-deductible for italian citizens).

Accademia and the environment

Accademia for the advertising campaign using just
recycled paper and eco-print with low environmental impact.