1. Is the course also suitable for people that have no music experience?

YES it is! The course is suitable for who is already experienced and for people with  no experience. For this reason we organise groups depending on the start-level of experience.

2. Which equipment do I need to bring to the lessons?

The courses are completely full equipped, we suggest to bring just your own headphone because they are a personal tool for every DJ. If you like, you have the possibility to bring your laptop or controllers, but just to have a personal configuration of your housework.

3. Who are the teachers?

All the ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ™ instructors are professional DJ/Producer and technicians certified by the major equipment and editing software companies. They are carefully selected to guarantee the highest teaching quality.

4. Could minors partecipate at the course? There are no age limits?

YES, the minors are allowed, there is a dedicated enroll form. More generally, the courses are opened to all. The  passion for music has no age.

5. Is the course open to foreign students?

YES it is, the course has no barriers, that’s the reason why there are some projects of artistic exchange between the ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ™ headquarters and partners.

6. May I pay by a payment plan?

YES, you can. There is a plan in three payments  without financial companies, no financial documents are required  and without paying duties or taxes. You have just to respect the agreed plan.

7. I want to enroll but I would like to pay by cash.

Ok, we prefer bank transfer,  balance by PayPal or credit card, but no problem! Make the online application, then you will be contacted for cash payment and issuance of the receipt.

8.I would like to enroll but i need an accommodation.

No problem, Accademia has the partner of some accommodation platform that helps you to find the best solutions. Check them out at ACCOMMODATION page.