DJ Course

DJing | Mixing techniques with Turntables, CD Players and Software | Search and selection of music | Live performances | USB-MIDI controller | Record a demo/Live | Marketing and Promotion | Contracts and regulations


The ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ® DJ course, prepares students for a perfect self-management including technical sessions in which you acquire specific knowledge on the use of turntables, players and the mains dj-softwares, theoreticals sessions focused on the best strategies of communication, selection of the tracks to be played during the set, current regulations and contracts. Thanks to our professional teachers, the DJ course allows young people to develop their creativity,  to use it in different musical contexts and improve their communication skills.

The DJ course has a LIMITED ACCESS with obligatory booking, the students are organized into small workgroups according to the level of preparation At the end of the course, Accademia releases its members a certificate of attendance.


Cities Start
Barcelona Coming Soon (Ed. 22nd)
Zürich Coming Soon (Ed. 22nd)
Florence October 17 2018 (Ed. 22nd)
Bologna October 18 2018 (Ed. 22nd)
Turin October 22 2018 (Ed. 22nd)
Milan October 23 2018 (Ed. 22nd)
Venice October 24 2018 (Ed. 22nd)
Catania October 29 2018 (Ed. 22nd)
Rome October 30 2018 (Ed. 22nd)

Duration: 8 weeks, 16 lessons of 3 hours each
Maximum number of students: 5 (five)
Course Certificate: YES (with a minimum frequency of 80% of the course hours)


Enrol fees to ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DJ® courses are very affordable and are clearly visible on this website.

Accademia offers various choices of payment, you could pay in a single solution or deferred payment, and special discounts for combo courses. You have always to consider the limited Access and the prices increase (*prices grow as much as you get closer to the opening date of courses).

You’ll find more infos and details about the fees directly on the online enrollment form.